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Thinking Of Retraining As A Social Media Manager

If you are thinking of making Social Media your business, in other words creating an agency you are probably looking for some training.

But, how do you know if you are getting the best training, value for money and the best outcome for you.

The Talented Ladies Club have written a great article, as always with the best advice.

Before you press Pay, have a read about these 10 questions it might be wise to ask.

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THE Best Reason To Start Your Own Business

If this isn't a reason to start your own business and be self sufficient I don't know what is!

This is a very big issue and needs to be thought about much more seriously than I think it is.

We are generally all going to now live longer for several reasons and going to have to work longer for several more.

Do you really want to be sitting in the office at 70 years old.

Or alternatively, be asked to leave in a nice way because your company thinks you are too old and you find yourself without income when you most need it?

And not only that, I am with Sir David Attenborough, life can be just so interesting, why would you want to spend it working for others?

Why shouldn't you be a youtube sensation at 107 years old?

Food for thought anyway...

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Wedding Business Idea

I love a simple business idea and this is an appropriate one for a Sunday morning :)

This lovely pastor Bil Malbon from Richmond Virginia in the USA was thinking about his retirement from his church.

His congregation was substantial and over time he knew he wanted to scale back his duties.

But instead of thinking about putting his feet up, or taking up gardening or golf he decided he could still provide his services but apply them in a slightly different way that both served him and a new market.

He was fully aware of the trend for tiny houses.

A trend growing world wide and he was interested so he took himself off to some events to view it up close.

It was then, he had his light-bulb moment.

Why not build a tiny chapel?

He could stay with his role as a pastor, scale back his official duties but branch out and specialise in the very lucrative wedding business market.

He could provide a unique business to his local community.

It benefited him because the weddings would be small but it benefited others too.

His chapel could be taken to places rather like a food truck or a caravan/RV and set up in a field or at a specific venue.

He could cater for small groups which was a great option for budget conscious couples.

A great twist on a theme.

As he says on his website "we make a big deal out of your small wedding"

How could you take a market you are interested in and capitalise on it in a unique way?

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Bookshop Saved By Twitter

If you are scared about never doing any business or no one will want you then I want to share this lovely story and the power of story to help people buy from you...

If done correctly you should never fear getting your business idea off the ground.

Georgia Duffy left her job as a radiographer to open a book shop in Harrogate.

She tweeted she had the worse day of sales ever and it was picked up and written about on the BBC website.

Her day rapidly turned round as people all over the country started ordering books from her shop.

I am so chuffed for her and the turn around in her fortunes.

I hate to see peoples dreams hit the dust

Triumph by twitter... I love that!

@imagined things #imaginedthingsbooks

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From Idea To Startup

I highly recommend Marianne Cantwell if you are seeking to go from idea to kickstart off your business idea.

She is offering a course to help you and you may have to be quick to enrol.

She will take you through from your idea to actually starting your little business idea and getting going.

You can read this page on her website, has a video describing what its all about but if you want to shortcut and read it (like I do) there is a link under the video.

The price is in there too, £450.00.

I have no links to Marianne and I don't get anything at all for recommending her course.

I am recommending because I think she is a great mentor in the world of starting a business and this popped into my email this morning... so I am sharing it with you...

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Niche Your Business Formula

Niching your business, whatever your idea is the perfect thing to do right at the beginning of the idea process.

It means you can target a particular market to solve a particular problem and show the outcome of your solution for it.

In other words what your customer will be, do or have as a result of your product or service.

It makes life so much easier when it comes to marketing your thing...

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Change of Name

Dear friends

Just to let you know my site will be changing to a new name "Your Little Business" in the next few days.

You don't have to do anything different but just in case you were wondering what was happening

I wanted to let you know in advance as you will notice changes... to the look and feel..

Thankyou so much for your continued support

Career Tests Are Perfect To Help You Define How You Do Your Business

I can't recommend highly enough, the value of career tests if you are really trying to pin down your business idea.

Not because they tell you what you should do as in "a title" but more because they highlight "how you do" things.

I have included my 4 favourite ones to give you several different options.

I feel they are valuable to someone who wants to start a small business and not just change their job...

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Teen Business Ideas: Around Food

Teen business ideas, centred around the food industry.

Have you a teenager looking for a business idea?

The trouble is they fall into 2 camps. Too old to be doing child based things yet not old enough to participate elsewhere, often because of law restrictions as they are not yet adult.

The food industry is a good area to start a teen business idea as it has flexibility.

Here are some ideas, I hope they help your teenager come up with something if they are itching to get going...

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Michelle Ward & Her Ditch Your Day Job Course

I like Michelle Ward as I mentioned a couple of days ago when I posted up her video asking if you are cut out to run a business.

Hopefully you watched it and realised you already know the right answer to the question.

I want to share further about Michelle.

I was on a webinar with her recently and she is great.

She has a brilliant little course called Ditch Your Day Job she teaches at Creative Live

I have written a new page about small business coaching where I will share courses created by other teachers who I think offer some really great learning.

I don't profess to know everything, and I want you to be armed with as much great information as I can find.However it comes...

My thing is about the idea phase of starting a small business, Michelle offers her take with style...

*affiliate link included because I think you can really learn from her

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Are You Cut Out To Run Your Own Business

I love Michelle Ward and her work to help women come up with a brilliant business idea.

I wanted to share this video because, let's be honest, who hasn't asked themselves this question?

"Am I cut out to be an entrepreneur?"

The answer is surprisingly and blindingly simple, and in no way talks about risk, or personality traits or any magic formula.

What do you think your answer is?

Are you meant to be an entrepreneur? Find out with this 1 question from WhenIGrowUpCoach on Vimeo.

Are You Making The Most Of Your Transferable Skills

When you come up with your business idea, it is easy to forget what you have already that you can use.

I thought this was an interesting little formula to help you highlight your transferable skills easily.

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Are You EU Data Compliant (GDPR)?

General Data Protect Regulation in force from May 25th 2018.

Here is a checklist to help you.

Is your business compliant?

Do you think because you are not in the EU it doesn't apply to you?

Do you even know about it?

This is what I love about SBI, they keep ahead of all of the big things and keep you updated, so you don't have to scurry all over the internet looking for the correct information.

Here is a quote from their blog this morning about GDPR

"...that’s why we developed our new GDPR tools for Solo Build It! (SBI!). As far as we know, no web host or sitebuilder (e.g., Wix and Weebly) have turned this complicated implementation into a single, comprehensive solution. Nor has WordPress, although there are a few dozen plugins that all say they’ll help with compliance.

If you are not sure what I am talking about, you need to be.

You only have a week left to comply.

I was totally confused but know I understand completely what is happening and what I need to do.

Share with anyone you know who collects information about their customers in their business and may need to be informed...

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The Royal Wedding Business Ideas

Well of course I couldn't let today pass without a mention of our very own Royal Wedding.

I wanted to just share with you an article about how 3 companies have capitalised and came up with additions to their business.

I particularly like the masks story, as this business idea was created around the last Royal Wedding of William and Kate.

I just thought it was a fun link to this very special day.

Of course these events are few and far between so you are going to have to wait awhile for another one.

The point of the story is you could come up with a business idea based around events.

Sports, school, weddings, birthdays, barmitzvah's, christmas, the seasons, hobbies, personal experiences, demographic groups.

This list goes on and I am sure you get the picture..

Anyway, enjoy the day if you are watching, I most certainly will...

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She Made A Business From Owning A Kindle!

Rachel Bruner managed to create a six figure business just by owning a Kindle Fire.

She explains how she started and what she does to make money.

I hope you find her inspirational?

What hobby could you turn into a six figure business?

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How To Blow Away Your Competition Online

Would you like to know how the main tool of SBI works and why it will be so effective in building YOUR business?

You know, that thing I write about extensively if you click the top right hand corner of the website, about a great business builder tool?

(It will be somewhere else if you are reading this on your phone!) :)

This video demonstrates how you can choose your business idea niche and investigate if there is demand for it, what competition you will be facing, and you can predict how likely you are to be successful in the search engines with it.

The test topic chosen is Social Media but you would use your own topic keywords, say Cake Decorating or Small Business Marketing or whatever your business is going to be about.

You then, work through the process testing and refining and tweaking your idea until you come up with a complete blue print for your business and your website.

Because you have used this brilliant research tool, you will begin your business knowing what to write about on your website because you know what everyone is searching for rather than guessing what you think they are looking for.

And so your business success becomes easier to attain.

You won't get that if you use other proprietary platforms because that is what they are.. just platforms.

SBI is a business builder and it is your secret weapon for success.

30 Trending Business Ideas

I thought this was a brilliant article to help with ideas for a products based business.

30 Products are listed based upon rising trends over a period of time.

I have to say, a lot of them I found myself going.."yes, that makes sense" but I was surprised by lacy bras, bodysuits and mirror less cameras!

Well you live and learn don't you?

You can search business ideas for yourself on Google using the Trends tool (just search google trends tool) for any industries/products you might be interested in.

At least you will have a clue about whether your business idea is a growing need or people have lost interest.

Great tool, highly recommended, I hope you find it helpful...

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How To Generate 10 Ideas A Day

I am always on the lookout for brilliant people who speak words of wisdom I think could help you with your journey.

I don't profess to know everything and I truly believe I should share other people's knowledge as well as my own.

Chris Winfield is one of those people I want to share with you.

He has a great website choc full of really useful advice about creativity and your best use of time.

He has written a great article about the process of coming up with ideas everyday.

You have to put in the work but if you do you will be rewarded.

If you are struggling to come up with ideas I hope his process can help.

If you are struggling with time management, I particularly like his reference to Jerry Seinfeld and his "break the chain" method.

Genius I thought.

And he is right about Evernote, one of the greatest tools ever invented.

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Are You Considering Using Squarespace?

Are you considering using Squarespace for your website?

Here is an in depth review you might want to consider reading first...

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Are You A Multipotentialite?

Are you the sort of person who has too many interests and passions and cannot decide what business to choose.

Emilie Wapnick is an expert in this field and she can help you build a life and career around your many strands of interest.

But first, you have to decide what sort of person you are...

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Translation Available

The quickest of messages.

I have added a translation button on the site now.

My apologies to my International visitors for not providing one before.

I realise not everyone uses English as their first language.

How very remiss of me..... sorry!

How To Validate Your Business Idea

If you have a great business idea, how do you know if it will work. Why not make your life easier and use some business idea validation techniques to sort of what is good from the bad and ugly.

You will save yourself a lot of time and grief in the long run.

Ask Brian Rose, it is his idea...

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Cakes From A Box Started This Business

I love Darlene, her story is a classic mum at home who wanted to start a business from her home, she chose something she could do easily, it fitted with her and her lifestyle and just got on with it.

She actually is now a very accomplished baker, who has a brilliant channel on YouTube and is making significant money teaching online as well as making for friends and family.

She actually started making those box cakes, adding some slightly smarter decoration and she took off from there.

So she didn't need a bakery or any special equipment, just the desire to start.

A real inspiration I feel...

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Sell On Etsy Without Being A Crafter

You know there are always several ways to skin the same cat.

Just because you love photography, doesn't mean you have to take photographs and this becomes your photography business idea.

There are other ways of working in the industry you want without the obvious choices.

Case in point, is ETSY, you don't have to make jewellery or create art to use this platform.

This super useful article suggests other ways of using it to inspire your creative business idea, without lifting a needle.

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Why Do You Want To Start A Business Anyway?

Do you know why you want to start your small business?

It is a crucial questions to ask yourself in the beginning because the answer will help sustain you as you go along, particularly when you are having a tough time and wondering what the hell you were thinking of when you had your bright idea!

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Find Your Strengths

You will find you will be more successful with your business idea if you apply your strengths to the way you do things.

People confuse skills with strengths.

Skills are what you do but strengths are how you do it.

A huge help is knowing what how to find your strengths and apply them successfully.

Why are you trying to push a rock up a hill?

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Multi Level Marketing Scams Laid Bare

Those lovely ladies at the Talented Ladies Club have done it again with their research into MLM or multi level marketing.

It seems quite a few companies are not to be trusted, allegedly.

They seem to target mums especially, purporting to afford you a wonderful business you can fit in with your lifestyle and fit around your family and in the process make tons of cash and maybe get yourself a Porsche if you work hard enough...

Well, this article really shines a light on what goes on with evidenced based fact as far as I can tell.

If you are even thinking about joining a multi level marketing business, PLEASE READ THIS FIRST

I think it might open your eyes a little wider.


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Do You Find Yourself Not Being Able To Move Forward With Your Business Idea?

Do you feel blocked about moving forward with your business idea?

Do you keep trying to start your business but always seem to come up against a problem?

Well you are not alone.

I recently read a great book and found a technique I believe can help you move forward.

I found it so helpful, I wanted to share it with you in case you find it useful for your situation.

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Bring Your Inner Nordic To A Creative Business

One of my ways I help people to find a business that fits in with who they are and what lifestyle they want to live is to look for a trend. With a trend it is on an upward swing and there can be lots of opportunities within it for everyone.

The "Swedish" trend has been with us in UK for quite some time, I mean how long has IKEA been in our lives, right?

Then last year we had "Hygge" or the art of cosiness & conviviality in Danish terms.

Now we have another Swedish trend looming, perfect for creative business ideas and I don't just mean food or flatpack...

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12 Unique Business Ideas

Just for fun today, I thought you might like to see 12 unique business ideas you don't come across every day of the week.

I particularly like number 5 myself, why didn't I think of that myself?

Probably because I am not yet a fully committed vegetarian!

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Mums Enterprise Road Show

This is a free event, no charge for tickets so tell your friends about this event.

It is a business created for mums, by mums.

I am showcasing a previous event here but I want to share why I love this enterprise for 2 reasons.

Firstly it is a great gathering of modern business minds to help mums go forward with enterprise and life in the workplace.

This can be whilst on maternity leave, when you have some time (in theory right) :) to think about others ways you can live your working life and start a business or work differently.

Lots of experts to help you.

Or after you return to work, but are thinking of perhaps doing something on the side or working towards leaving your job.

Either way you cannot failed to be inspired.

The event offers:

  • Confidence Boosting Sessions
  • Flexible Work Ideas and Help
  • Franchise/Work From Home/Start A Business
  • A whole lot more

I am pleased to say, it will also be a Multi Level Marketing Free Zone

If you want to attend this year, put these dates in your diary:

  • Manchester on 20th June Event City - Trafford City Venue
  • London on 28 - 29th September - London Olympia Venue

The second reason I like this business is because I think it is a great business model to follow.

You may not be in UK so you can attend or you may not want to target new mums but you can use the idea to bring other groups of experts together for the benefit of others, several times a year.

It is called the host model, one I like to follow on this website.

I like to "host" other peoples ideas and expertise as well as my own.

You provide a platform for others to join you and work with you in a spirit of co-operation not competition.

Its great, if you are like me and have the skills of researching, curating and signposting information for others to take advantage of.


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From Corporate PA To Juice Company Owner

If you are sitting in an office, gazing out of the window waiting for the sun to shine and dreaming of how you are going to get out of there, I hope Rosina and her story is inspiring to you.

She moved back from London to her home country of Ghana and realised the healthy lifestyle she lived there couldn't be replicated due to lack of products.

So, she created her own business to provide what she needed not just for her self but for the betterment of her own community.

She has gone from strength to strength and is a perfect example of what you can do when you spot a gap in the market and there is a market in the gap.

She is a perfect example of what I share in a personal coaching session about where to look for your business idea.

Quite often is is right in front of you, starting back at you and waiting patiently for you to spot it.

So go forth, you are ready...!

source: talentedladiesclub.com #talentedladiesclub

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16 Success Stories From Dragons Den

Dragons Den (think Shark Tank USA) has been around since, can you believe 2005.

Here are 16 success stories from people who were brave enough to face the dragons.

Not all of them walked away with cash, and some even got offers but never actually took them up after the show was over.

All of them had success with or without help.

I thought you might like to read about them in case they inspire you in some way to go forward with your brilliant business idea.

Happy reading!

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Trend: House Declutter For Ageing Population

One of the areas I help people look for a business idea with, is to look for a trend.

There is a definite trend for downsizing to live in a smaller home, now the world population is ageing rapidly.

So, for any would be house declutterers, there is a business staring you in the face right there.

Not everyone in the world has family or a partner who can help them during this difficult, emotional and stressful time of their life.

I would welcome help from someone if I was faced with a quart sized home that needed to fit into a pint sized one, if I was alone or just plain not interested in asking anyone else to help.

The whole process might be less emotional if family were not necessarily involved when parents are choosing to leave a family home after a number of years.

Sometimes a friendly, definitely empathetic but impartial service might be just what is needed.

If you are a person who loves to organise others, and were thinking of starting a decluttering business then this trend could be just for you.

It is not only the emotional upheaval you can help with, if you are "vintage" minded you might also like to help in another way.

It seems children don't always want to inherit "heirlooms" any more for all sorts of reasons.

Selling items for clients might become a further income stream for you via Ebay or to others who would just love what your client has got.

People such as interior designers, film companies for props, vintage wedding planners who love china or mid century furniture lovers.

You never know what you might find and if you could combine downsizing, re-organising and selling items for some cash you could be onto a winner.

You know what they say, "one mans treasure is another mans trash"

What do you think?

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I Like Too Many Things & I Don't Know What To Pick First!

I know you are supposed to follow your passion, but to be honest I have so many I can't decide what to pick as the main thing. I feel it is bit like trying

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Are You A Professional Who Wants To Stop Just Billing Hours?

Richard is a Dentist from UK.

He clearly is a man who has itchy feet but he made use of his professional skills buy building a website to offer advice to people for free about dental care.

He has a couple of inexpensive information & advice products for sale, and he hosts some advertising.

This business now allows him to travel whenever he wants.

Are you a professional who is fed up of clocking in each day and billing for your time and if you aren't behind your desk, you don't get paid.

Then this case study is for you...

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Genius Business Idea For Empty Restaurant Tables

I love a simple idea, one you think, "why didn't I think of that?"

A couple of guys in Manchester had the bright idea of going to restaurants, who have empty tables during the day and offering them as out as workspace.

It becomes a win/win for all parties.

Restaurants get used, business owners get reasonably priced office space.

Great for networking without really trying.

I can see how they could extend this idea all over the UK for themselves or sell as a franchise idea.

Something you could do in your area?

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A Tale Of 2 Bakers

I wanted to share this story because it expresses the difference between 2 people with similar aspirations.

Both wanted to make food part of their life but each had a different motivation.

The first person was motivated by fear.

The second person was motivated by action, adventure and a why not attitude.

I think you could apply it to anything in life you want to achieve.

Which side of the motivational fence are you on?

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Encourage Children To Be Entrepreneurs

Such a great TED talk.

Encourage children to be entrepreneurs not give them extra tutoring on subjects they hate or are rubbish at.

It's controversial I know but I would be the woman in the room encouraging home schooling too.

I loved the point he brought up about bipolar being the CEO's disease and a lot of great creators have it.

It is probably time now to stop boxing people in, although, to be fair think this is becoming more widely recognised.

Sadly, the school systems don't allow for it fully yet but I can see changes.

In the UK we have a move back to the Technical Colleges of years ago for children who are not especially academic, perhaps one day we will have teenage business school as an option?

That said, if you are reading this, you already know all of this, don't you because you have had enough of the system yourself?

No doubt, you are already encouraging your child's ambitions to be a teenage entrepreneur.

In that case...I salute you...!

Business Audio Books

I love to read books, a lot but sometimes I prefer my business books as an audio version.

Ideal when travelling or when I just can't be bothered to open the pages of the actual book.

I can't listen at night though, in bed as they send me to sleep like a lullaby.

Not ideal when you want to learn something.

I have a list of my top 20 ones on Amazon but I have picked out my top 3 and explained why I think they may be valuable to you.

I am sure you have your own choices, but I like to share what I learn with others so I hope you find the list useful.

I know I have a good book for me, when I purchase it as a real book, a Kindle version and an audio version, just so I know I can read/listen at any time in any circumstance.

Is that something you would do?

Here is to all good books, where would we be without you?

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More Advice About Starting A Business With No Money!

I love Carrie Green from the Female Entrepreneur Association.

She has some great advice about starting a business with no money too...

How Do I Start A Business Without Any Money?

I want to start my business but I don't have any money. What should I do to get started?

Continue reading "How Do I Start A Business Without Any Money?"

Home Business Is On The Rise

I love the fact, so many more people are working from home.

Here is a brilliant article from the UK official government business website.

Choc full of other people's experiences across a really wide spectrum.

Each business idea, a triumph for the owner after of course, the usual problems of fear of failing, lack of money, lack of time, lack of sleep.

All things experienced by all business owners but who, at the end of the day will tell you, they wouldn't have it any other way.

Why would they want to carry on sitting in traffic each and every day when they can have the highs and lows and absolute pride in doing their own thing.

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Mums Are Taking The Business World By Storm

I love how more and more women are in the news now about starting their own business.

Women, and parents in particular have great skills to bring to the world of business.

I admire anyone who can bring up a family and run a business at the same time.

I admire them even more if they can run a family, a job and have a business on the side too.

I mean, how much energy must they have?

Here is an article of just a few people who have embraced their inner small business queen and got going.

I hope they inspire you...even if you don't have children...

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Eco Friendly Nappies From Mexico

This is a simple tale of:

  • Problem
  • Solution
  • Action

A mum, in Mexico, had a problem with regular nappies, her child was allergic to them.

So, using her artistic background, she came up with a range of designs, eventually got them made (manufacturing is not the easiest business to start) and they are now being exported all over the world to the tune of over a million dollars.

She has some useful tips about starting and explains her initial difficulty exporting to Europe.

She is a big fan of social media and she explains how it works for her.

Genius..I love her story..and her video presentation from her Ecopipo factory really brings it to life.

What a great success.

All because her child was allergic to mainstream brands of nappies and she couldn't find the sort of Eco-friendly and re-usable ones in her own country.

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How Not To Start A T Shirt Business

I am particularly interested in people who start a clothing boutique or want to create their own clothing line.

Mostly, because I have a person close to me who is heading in that direction and I am always on the look out for useful information for them. I heard the fashion industry is one of the most difficult, bitchy, nasty, horrible places to work and people are treated like slaves and frankly it seems nothing short of abuse.

So, I can see why people might want to just go their own way and it seems a t-shirt business is the way to go, an easy sort of startup, in relative terms and I can see endless possibilities for this garment.

You pick a niche and someone will want to buy a t-shirt for it.

Sports, associations, groups, clubs, companies, education.. you name it.

It doesn't always have to be high fashion.

So this article jumped out at me because it is about how not to start a t shirt business. Always good to know, right?

They also offer a very useful How To Start A Clothing Line e-book for any aspiring Yves St Laurent...

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In Honour Of International Women's Day

My belated contribution to International Womens Day.

You know I am not a big fan of "lists" but I thought this one from Cosmopolitan had some merit with their case studies of women who have started successful businesses and how they did it.

Not always with a lot of time or money but the main thing was they started.

I don't necessarily agree with number 4.

Unless you are building a business that needs serious funding and you need to convince a bank or investors to give you some, I think you can write yourself out a "this is what I am going to do, who I am going to do it for, and how I am going to do it list" rather than stop dead in your tracks and palpitate at the thought of numbers and words and what order they go in.

I don't mean you will never have to do it, but I think on day one of your business you just need to press the go button!

Same with number 4, same advice for a much larger business but just start small, sell that one product or service to one person and build.

Raising a glassto all the ladies, you are fabulous!!

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Are These The Wisest Words Of All Time?

This video has been viewed over 70 million times so there must be something in it of value?

What do you think?

I would say they speak to most souls in the world especially people like you who are going to make a big change in their life.

But you have seen the light, so you already know!

So pass it on and help someone else...

Student Business Ideas?

I thought I would share this article, because someone only the other day mentioned in passing their child had to come up with a business idea for a project they were working on at school.

It struck me, this must be a common theme for business studies students and because I don't have children this entire group of people have passed me by.

So I thought, if the lady I was speaking too had a child looking for student business ideas, others reading my site may have the same story going on in their household.

I searched around a bit and found this article and I liked what they were sharing.

I think some of the ideas are interchangeable for students at university who are looking to build their side thing whilst studying too.

I particularly like idea number 22!.

And some are clearly not suitable for school age children but I think there some good ones that you could adapt.

Hope you find it useful enough to get your brain juices flowing.

Looks like an interesting website too.

Best of luck with the project...:)

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