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Crafting Business As a Social Enterprise?

If you have a craft business idea you might want to take inspiration from Adele Sweeney in the UK who not only follows her passion for crafting but has made it into a social enterprise as well.

She has created a business around who she is, what she loves and it fits in with her lifestyle.

She has created her perfect little business.

Which is wonderful considering she very nearly gave up on the idea completely.

As she says,

"I started thinking a regular business was not for me, and that I’d made a huge mistake starting the shop. I researched how to start a charity; in the process I discovered the concept of a “social enterprise.” I realised that’s what I should have been doing all along!"

If she can do it so can you, why not you?...

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Time To Nail Your Business Idea?

Isn't it time you finally nailed that business idea you have been thinking about for ages.

If you are planning to make a new year resolution to finally come up with that perfect business idea, then start now so you are ready to leap on January 1st.

Even if it is only a loose plan.

You can build the perfect business around who you are and the lifestyle you want to live...

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Best Business Builder Out There - Update

I make no secret on my website about my favourite business builder and why I use it and love it.

Perfect for anyone who wants a web presence for their business, which is probably everyone!

Perfect for WordPress lovers too if that is your preference, the widget slots right into your platform.

I love how I don't just get a tool to build a website, but a whole package to learn how to build a business from idea to execution and have help from others from a forum and a professional team behind the scenes you can ask questions of, 24 hours a day and receive an answer.

So, I thought I would update about the latest guides that have been included in the package around social media.

2 new guides have been delivered on Twitter and Pinterest.

They show you how to get the most out of both social media platforms and how to use them more effectively if they are the right one for your business.

I am constantly amazed how more and more is offered in the package yet the price remains the same.

About £25.00 per month, and less if you pay upfront or use Wordpress to have all that "build a business" information at your fingertips instead of having to search the internet for every piece you need as you go along.

That just takes forever....I am sure you know exactly what I mean!

I think you just might like it, especially as you can trial it for 3 months and if you don't think it is right for you, you just ask to get your money back.

No questions asked, no explaining why...

I don't see anyone else doing that, do you?

#solobuildit #sbi #businessidea #businessideas #solopreneur

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Over 50? Join The New Start Up Crowd

If you are over 50 you might have noticed job opportunities are a bit less.

You still need to work though, so what are your options?

Come up with your own business idea perhaps?

According to this Financial Times article and I am sure it is still very relevant a year later, over 50's are the new start up generation.

Often blessed with disposable income, but I suspect many are not and have to work, this could be the way forward.

As an over 50 myself I am very keen to encourage it...in fact I think I am going to focus on this age group a bit more...

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Don't Let Others Ruin Your Dream

I can't bear a bully, especially where children are concerned.

Here is a lovely story of a very brave young man, who wanted to follow his dream, but it didn't match up to what others thought he should be doing.

He was bullied terribly but it is him who is having the last laugh.

Bless him....follow that dream

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Should You Freelance To Begin With

Not everyone wants to "start a business" but a lot of people want to work for themselves.

So perhaps it's time for you to look at freelancing instead.

So you can offer your services straight away.

Here is a really useful website about the topic...

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The Power Of Believing You Can Do It.

This lady talks inate sense about looking at how we either think we fail or succeed.

There is a 3rd way of looking at it by using positive, incremental statements so you don't give up.

I love this...


Success Can Be Viewed Through Many Lenses

The very excellent Alain de Botton and his philosophy on success.

Perhaps you need to refine your definition and be a little kinder on yourself.

An interesting point of view...


Even Maya Angelou Suffered With Imposter Syndrome

You know even Maya Angeleou suffered with imposter syndrome so don't beat yourself up about it.

Frankly, I think everyone I have ever spoken to, who has taken a leap of faith into the unknown has felt it.

So ponder on this tonight and start again tomorrow... you are good enough...xxx

#mayaangelou #impostersyndrom #TED-Ed

From Abuse To Online Craft Business

This lady has a very powerful story.

She felt at one point in her life she was going to die.

But she used the power of the internet and used her passion to create the beginnings of a thriving online craft business and start her journey along the road of personal peace.

Even in the darkest of circumstances you can find light... #fridaymotivation

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Brilliantly Simply Cleaning Business Idea

I love a simple idea and I love a business idea in an industry people think might be saturated.

The secret to success in any industry is thinking laterally, and coming up with the same thing in a new way.

I love these two ladies from New Zealand

They both had regular jobs but came up with another theme on a cleaning business.

They move in after the party.

They offer the Morning After party clean service.

A great way to offer something different in a sea of cleaning businesses.

They have hit a rich seam in what I teach as places to look for people who want want you have to offer area...

Get a bunch of people to split the bill and it becomes affordable and saves everyone time and effort.

Who really wants to clean up the morning after the night before?

Genius business idea in my book.

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53 Business Online Experts Offer Their Best Advice

I think you know by now, my maxim of not taking travel advice from people who have never left home

Well, I want to share on this lovely Sunday morning, advice offered by 53 people who have left home and started their own business, so I think they know what they are talking about.

Great advice from all them in my opinion about what was their most critical business decision.

I thought you might find what they have to say useful as you embark on a new week with your business idea journey.

I hope you have a productive one...

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Funeral For An Unknown Lady

You remember I told you about the unknown lady on the south coast of England, who was found on the beach last year, not identified, and I sent a donation for the flowers.

Well, the lady at the local government office who was arranging the funeral, send me a link and some photographs of the event, after it took place.

She said over 100 people showed up in the end, and many are going to keep in touch with each other, after bonding over this event.

I just wanted to show you how lovely it could be if you created a business as I mentioned, around people who don't have anyone at the end.

It would really touch peoples hearts I think.

I hope you don't mind me sharing this story with you because I don't think it is morbid, I think it is uplifting about human nature.

RIP dear lady...

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Flowers For An Unknown Lady

This was an idea I had after being moved by a story about a lady washed up on the shore in the south of England.

She was unknown, no one came forward to claim her as a family member so she was to be buried in a paupers grave with no name on in a local churchyard near to the place she was found.

I was moved to tears about this one and sent a donation for flowers to the local florist in the town 200 miles from where I lived.

It made me think of all the other people across the country who get buried each year with no friends, family or community members in attendance.

I thought about how a business could be created allowing people to donate money for paupers funerals as a form of charity in a way.

A way for nice people to do something memorable for another soul whom they would never meet or get to know.

I hope someone takes the idea up and runs with it...

And ideal way to have an online flower business of sorts with a very humanitarian theme.

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Have You Chosen The Right Way To Do Business?

You have chosen your industry to create your business idea for, but have you chosen the right way to do business.

The way that suits you and your lifestyle?

And not necessarily the way that suits your family members?

Or your friends?

Meet Frank, who wanted to be in the mobile catering industry but struggled with the idea of actually cooking food for money.

He realised after we took his business idea and tweaked it to fit him perfectly that he had been barking up the wrong tree.

If you are struggling to get going, it might not just be resistance you are facing, rather you perhaps need to review your idea and make it fit you better.

That "follow your passion" advice might need you to head down another avenue instead of the obvious one...

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Wishcraft: 30th Anniversary Free Copy

If anyone has been following me for a while or spoken with me about finding their brilliant business idea, they will know how much I value the wisdom of Barbara Sher.

I call her the grandmother of the movement based upon:

finding the life you want to live, creating your best self and working at something that makes your soul sing

So, I wanted to share with you, an opportunity to download her most famous book Wishcraft for nothing.

To celebrate the 30 year anniversary this great book has been in print, you can download all the chapters at no cost to you.

I highly recommend you add this book to your learning toolbox because I believe everyone will learn something valuable from it.

It will help you, as Barbara states:

  • Discover your strengths and skills
  • Turn your fears and negative feelings into positive tools
  • Diagram the path to your goal–and map out target dates for meeting it
  • Chart your progress–day by day
  • Create a support network of contacts and sources
  • Use a buddy system to keep you on track
  • Plus a whole lot more...

I am re reading it at the moment, and still learning things from it.

I am over the moon to see it available for everyone world wide for free!

I hope you enjoy it and learn some valuable lessons to help you on your business idea journey...

#barbarasher #wishcraft

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Have You Discovered You Have A Friend Problem?

Have you found since you have shared your business hopes and dreams your friends have turned a bit strange.

It is more common than you think.

It could be jealousy you know.

It is painful thought isn't it?

Well, perhaps it is time you had a new circle of people who support what you do and not feel threatened by it.

This why joining a support group on FB or other social media helps because you are surrounded by like minded friends.

I will always be happy to hear about your dreams, you are very welcome to tell me.

I hear it a lot about friends turning weird when someone decides to step out of the norm...

Well, this is your new norm so stick with it and don't let anyone blow you off course...

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Spot a Trend Start a Business

The simpler the business idea, the better I like it.

One of the points I make in my coaching is about using trends and ones on the up to come up with your business idea.

Well, this company in my home city of Sheffield has come up with a great, simple, easy to implement and unique business idea.

We have all the seen the popularity of gaming, and TV shows like Game of Thrones and all those other visual mediums tapping into the world of vikings/mythical characters and the like.

Not a trend I think is going away any time soon.

They have set up a business for axe throwing.

Very popular by all accounts and doing well.

Aside from the very obvious health and safety matters to take care of, the premise seems to be simple.

Create simple cages, put a target on the wall, supply the axe and away you go after payment.

What business could you apply this simple method too?

Have you got a deep interest that would be a great fit?

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Can You Tell People About Your Business in 3 Sentences?

I always think Mike Southon of the Beermat Entrepreneur talks a lot of sense.

He has a knack for narrowing things down for easy digestion.

So, I thought I would share this little gem of his recently posted on a website.

Can you explain your business in 3 sentences?

I feel if you can't then you need to work on your niche a bit more.

I wrote a page in business articles about this topic, so you might want to revisit that, to help you pin down your business idea so it just rolls off your tongue at a moments notice when anyone asks you to explain...

As he goes on to express: "The first sentence does two jobs. It defines your customers and says what pain you solve for them"

I hope you find it useful

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Are You Secretly At War With Yourself?

Are you struggling to get going with your business idea?

Do spend all day at work, telling yourself you are going to get started tonight, but you end up watching TV again!

Do you promise yourself you are really going to get down to it this weekend, clear the decks then go shopping.

If so, you are probably at war with yourself or experiencing resistance.

Resistance is designed to keep you safe but you can allow it to rule your life.

Here is a great book recommendation about how to recognise it and deal with it.

I found it extremely useful as I am a great procrastinator myself.

I hope you do too...

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See Your Design Before You Commit Any Money

I came across this great website this morning.

If you have any kind of creative business idea that includes graphics, video, logos, tshirt design, social media stories, photography etc, you can see your design on something long before you commit any money..

It is called a mock up generator.

Album covers, book covers, business cards, prints, greetings cards, you name it..

You could probably use it to create a business too

What a great idea...

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Thinking of Starting a Family Business?

Are you considering starting a business with your family?

It sounds idyllic to me but I know it can't all be sweetness and light.

This article shares 14 pros and cons when starting a business together.

A couple of things I hadn't thought of which throw light on where there could be a plus and a minus.

I hope it works out for you and yours.

The very best of luck

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Think You Are Too Old To Start a Business?

Do you think it's too late in life to start a business?

Well, I want you to be inspired by Catherine Simonton who is a retired teacher who decided she had no intention of giving up on life or creating an income after retirement.

She decided after teaching English to Mexican Nurses she wanted to create a website that many people around the world could use to learn the language.

She has learned how to create her own business on line and has visitors from around the world who need her help.

She found out their was an ageism problem from language schools so she decided to build her own.

And not only that she managed to do all of this whilst suffering from a chronic and debilitating condition.

It just goes to show if there is a will there is a way...!

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Quotations & Yoga

I love it when people combine one idea, with another to come up with a business.

Something I talk about a lot with people.

It's a really good way to come up with a business idea to fit in with who you are and how you want to live your life.

Because you can tailor it exactly how you want it and hopefully there will be a market who will want to buy it too, to put the cherry on the cake.

Here, Kate combined her love of yoga, with quotes and looked around to notice, yoga clothing was a bit samey.

She also noticed it was modelled by people who looked perfect, set against perfect sunsets in perfect poses.

She wanted a bit more real life injected into her brand so she created Badd Karma Yoga Clothing.

Find what you love to do, and would happily spend all day doing it for free, blend it with a problem you find and hey presto, you have your business idea.

Great creative business idea.

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Childrens Event Business Idea

I love a good mums business, inspired by the love of their children and it is built out of what goes on in their life naturally.

This is a great story of an entrepreneurial mum from Sydney, Australia who started slumber parties at her home.

She now sells the items to create your own slumber party at home for both boys and girls with appropriate fabrics for the tee pees and other items to have for a birthday in a box or just a sleepover.

She was organising the parties for her own children anyway, so why not make a business out of the idea.

She came up the idea of using a room in her home and filled it with beautiful teepees to sleep in, and gorgeous cushions and buntings and made the whole thing an event.

You can see from her testimonials exactly the impact she has had on other mums.

And see what beautiful tee pees she uses and sells now.

She has created an event business for children to have adventures to be remembered long after the child has grown up.

Just add a midnight feast, leave the room and the magic begins.

Great birthday party ideas for years to come here.

Is this something you could do or adapt?

Great business idea and relatively easy to start without a massive outlay to begin with.

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50 Ways To Use A Shipping Container For Business

I love it when you can have one thing and have many uses for it.

I heard a new phrase recently, that has been coined called brick and metal business instead of the usual brick and mortar, i.e like a proper building.

I am not sure where the brick come in presumably if you use the metal to create a larger structure?

Anyway, containers are very in at the moment.

They make great homes and offices and the cost is relatively minimal compared to "brick and mortar" buildings.

But that is not all they are good for as this article clearly illustrates.

I am hoping you find an idea in here too, some brilliant ones.

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There is a technical hitch

Sorry dear readers

I seem to have a technical hitch with my website and unable to post anything with a link to it.

I will post again as soon as possible.

Thanks so much for your patience

Jackie x

Rat Race Flu Epidemic

Monday Morning thought:

I think Bolaji O absolutely nailed the world in his presentation here.

Just about every reason to get out and do your own thing...

Thinking Of Retraining As A Social Media Manager

If you are thinking of making Social Media your business, in other words creating an agency you are probably looking for some training.

But, how do you know if you are getting the best training, value for money and the best outcome for you.

The Talented Ladies Club have written a great article, as always with the best advice.

Before you press Pay, have a read about these 10 questions it might be wise to ask.

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THE Best Reason To Start Your Own Business

If this isn't a reason to start your own business and be self sufficient I don't know what is!

This is a very big issue and needs to be thought about much more seriously than I think it is.

We are generally all going to now live longer for several reasons and going to have to work longer for several more.

Do you really want to be sitting in the office at 70 years old.

Or alternatively, be asked to leave in a nice way because your company thinks you are too old and you find yourself without income when you most need it?

And not only that, I am with Sir David Attenborough, life can be just so interesting, why would you want to spend it working for others?

Why shouldn't you be a youtube sensation at 107 years old?

Food for thought anyway...

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Wedding Business Idea

I love a simple business idea and this is an appropriate one for a Sunday morning :)

This lovely pastor Bil Malbon from Richmond Virginia in the USA was thinking about his retirement from his church.

His congregation was substantial and over time he knew he wanted to scale back his duties.

But instead of thinking about putting his feet up, or taking up gardening or golf he decided he could still provide his services but apply them in a slightly different way that both served him and a new market.

He was fully aware of the trend for tiny houses.

A trend growing world wide and he was interested so he took himself off to some events to view it up close.

It was then, he had his light-bulb moment.

Why not build a tiny chapel?

He could stay with his role as a pastor, scale back his official duties but branch out and specialise in the very lucrative wedding business market.

He could provide a unique business to his local community.

It benefited him because the weddings would be small but it benefited others too.

His chapel could be taken to places rather like a food truck or a caravan/RV and set up in a field or at a specific venue.

He could cater for small groups which was a great option for budget conscious couples.

A great twist on a theme.

As he says on his website "we make a big deal out of your small wedding"

How could you take a market you are interested in and capitalise on it in a unique way?

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Bookshop Saved By Twitter

If you are scared about never doing any business or no one will want you then I want to share this lovely story and the power of story to help people buy from you...

If done correctly you should never fear getting your business idea off the ground.

Georgia Duffy left her job as a radiographer to open a book shop in Harrogate.

She tweeted she had the worse day of sales ever and it was picked up and written about on the BBC website.

Her day rapidly turned round as people all over the country started ordering books from her shop.

I am so chuffed for her and the turn around in her fortunes.

I hate to see peoples dreams hit the dust

Triumph by twitter... I love that!

@imagined things #imaginedthingsbooks

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From Idea To Startup

I highly recommend Marianne Cantwell if you are seeking to go from idea to kickstart off your business idea.

She is offering a course to help you and you may have to be quick to enrol.

She will take you through from your idea to actually starting your little business idea and getting going.

You can read this page on her website, has a video describing what its all about but if you want to shortcut and read it (like I do) there is a link under the video.

The price is in there too, £450.00.

I have no links to Marianne and I don't get anything at all for recommending her course.

I am recommending because I think she is a great mentor in the world of starting a business and this popped into my email this morning... so I am sharing it with you...

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Niche Your Business Formula

Niching your business, whatever your idea is the perfect thing to do right at the beginning of the idea process.

It means you can target a particular market to solve a particular problem and show the outcome of your solution for it.

In other words what your customer will be, do or have as a result of your product or service.

It makes life so much easier when it comes to marketing your thing...

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Change of Name

Dear friends

Just to let you know my site will be changing to a new name "Your Little Business" in the next few days.

You don't have to do anything different but just in case you were wondering what was happening

I wanted to let you know in advance as you will notice changes... to the look and feel..

Thankyou so much for your continued support

Career Tests Are Perfect To Help You Define How You Do Your Business

I can't recommend highly enough, the value of career tests if you are really trying to pin down your business idea.

Not because they tell you what you should do as in "a title" but more because they highlight "how you do" things.

I have included my 4 favourite ones to give you several different options.

I feel they are valuable to someone who wants to start a small business and not just change their job...

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Teen Business Ideas: Around Food

Teen business ideas, centred around the food industry.

Have you a teenager looking for a business idea?

The trouble is they fall into 2 camps. Too old to be doing child based things yet not old enough to participate elsewhere, often because of law restrictions as they are not yet adult.

The food industry is a good area to start a teen business idea as it has flexibility.

Here are some ideas, I hope they help your teenager come up with something if they are itching to get going...

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Michelle Ward & Her Ditch Your Day Job Course

I like Michelle Ward as I mentioned a couple of days ago when I posted up her video asking if you are cut out to run a business.

Hopefully you watched it and realised you already know the right answer to the question.

I want to share further about Michelle.

I was on a webinar with her recently and she is great.

She has a brilliant little course called Ditch Your Day Job she teaches at Creative Live

I have written a new page about small business coaching where I will share courses created by other teachers who I think offer some really great learning.

I don't profess to know everything, and I want you to be armed with as much great information as I can find.However it comes...

My thing is about the idea phase of starting a small business, Michelle offers her take with style...

*affiliate link included because I think you can really learn from her

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Are You Cut Out To Run Your Own Business

I love Michelle Ward and her work to help women come up with a brilliant business idea.

I wanted to share this video because, let's be honest, who hasn't asked themselves this question?

"Am I cut out to be an entrepreneur?"

The answer is surprisingly and blindingly simple, and in no way talks about risk, or personality traits or any magic formula.

What do you think your answer is?

Are you meant to be an entrepreneur? Find out with this 1 question from WhenIGrowUpCoach on Vimeo.

Are You Making The Most Of Your Transferable Skills

When you come up with your business idea, it is easy to forget what you have already that you can use.

I thought this was an interesting little formula to help you highlight your transferable skills easily.

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Are You EU Data Compliant (GDPR)?

General Data Protect Regulation in force from May 25th 2018.

Here is a checklist to help you.

Is your business compliant?

Do you think because you are not in the EU it doesn't apply to you?

Do you even know about it?

This is what I love about SBI, they keep ahead of all of the big things and keep you updated, so you don't have to scurry all over the internet looking for the correct information.

Here is a quote from their blog this morning about GDPR

"...that’s why we developed our new GDPR tools for Solo Build It! (SBI!). As far as we know, no web host or sitebuilder (e.g., Wix and Weebly) have turned this complicated implementation into a single, comprehensive solution. Nor has WordPress, although there are a few dozen plugins that all say they’ll help with compliance.

If you are not sure what I am talking about, you need to be.

You only have a week left to comply.

I was totally confused but know I understand completely what is happening and what I need to do.

Share with anyone you know who collects information about their customers in their business and may need to be informed...

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The Royal Wedding Business Ideas

Well of course I couldn't let today pass without a mention of our very own Royal Wedding.

I wanted to just share with you an article about how 3 companies have capitalised and came up with additions to their business.

I particularly like the masks story, as this business idea was created around the last Royal Wedding of William and Kate.

I just thought it was a fun link to this very special day.

Of course these events are few and far between so you are going to have to wait awhile for another one.

The point of the story is you could come up with a business idea based around events.

Sports, school, weddings, birthdays, barmitzvah's, christmas, the seasons, hobbies, personal experiences, demographic groups.

This list goes on and I am sure you get the picture..

Anyway, enjoy the day if you are watching, I most certainly will...

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She Made A Business From Owning A Kindle!

Rachel Bruner managed to create a six figure business just by owning a Kindle Fire.

She explains how she started and what she does to make money.

I hope you find her inspirational?

What hobby could you turn into a six figure business?

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How To Blow Away Your Competition Online

Would you like to know how the main tool of SBI works and why it will be so effective in building YOUR business?

You know, that thing I write about extensively if you click the top right hand corner of the website, about a great business builder tool?

(It will be somewhere else if you are reading this on your phone!) :)

This video demonstrates how you can choose your business idea niche and investigate if there is demand for it, what competition you will be facing, and you can predict how likely you are to be successful in the search engines with it.

The test topic chosen is Social Media but you would use your own topic keywords, say Cake Decorating or Small Business Marketing or whatever your business is going to be about.

You then, work through the process testing and refining and tweaking your idea until you come up with a complete blue print for your business and your website.

Because you have used this brilliant research tool, you will begin your business knowing what to write about on your website because you know what everyone is searching for rather than guessing what you think they are looking for.

And so your business success becomes easier to attain.

You won't get that if you use other proprietary platforms because that is what they are.. just platforms.

SBI is a business builder and it is your secret weapon for success.

30 Trending Business Ideas

I thought this was a brilliant article to help with ideas for a products based business.

30 Products are listed based upon rising trends over a period of time.

I have to say, a lot of them I found myself going.."yes, that makes sense" but I was surprised by lacy bras, bodysuits and mirror less cameras!

Well you live and learn don't you?

You can search business ideas for yourself on Google using the Trends tool (just search google trends tool) for any industries/products you might be interested in.

At least you will have a clue about whether your business idea is a growing need or people have lost interest.

Great tool, highly recommended, I hope you find it helpful...

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How To Generate 10 Ideas A Day

I am always on the lookout for brilliant people who speak words of wisdom I think could help you with your journey.

I don't profess to know everything and I truly believe I should share other people's knowledge as well as my own.

Chris Winfield is one of those people I want to share with you.

He has a great website choc full of really useful advice about creativity and your best use of time.

He has written a great article about the process of coming up with ideas everyday.

You have to put in the work but if you do you will be rewarded.

If you are struggling to come up with ideas I hope his process can help.

If you are struggling with time management, I particularly like his reference to Jerry Seinfeld and his "break the chain" method.

Genius I thought.

And he is right about Evernote, one of the greatest tools ever invented.

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Are You Considering Using Squarespace?

Are you considering using Squarespace for your website?

Here is an in depth review you might want to consider reading first...

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Are You A Multipotentialite?

Are you the sort of person who has too many interests and passions and cannot decide what business to choose.

Emilie Wapnick is an expert in this field and she can help you build a life and career around your many strands of interest.

But first, you have to decide what sort of person you are...

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Translation Available

The quickest of messages.

I have added a translation button on the site now.

My apologies to my International visitors for not providing one before.

I realise not everyone uses English as their first language.

How very remiss of me..... sorry!


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