Your Free Coaching Session Because You Purchased An SBI Subscription

Firstly, thank you so much for trusting me enough to purchase your subscription through my affiliate link, for what I consider the worlds best business builder for novicepreneurs, in the world and you can use it with Wordpress too.

It means a great deal to me.

And I am so looking  forward to working with you.

If you have arrived at this page and you haven't bought a subscription then please go to my business builder review page and you can go from there, I explain what you need to do down towards the bottom of the page.

I know you want to get going straight away because you are excited about all the new possibilities so please can you fill in the form below and send to me as soon as you can.

Please use the text box to tell me where you are at the moment and if you already have a business up and running or indeed if you ever had one.

The more information you can share with me the better the session your session will be.

The Objective

I want you to leave with a positive sense of what is possible for you as you think about your business idea.

You will see as you now begin with your action guide, the importance of being clear when it comes to brainstorming your ideas.

The objective of the session is to come up with at least one business idea you can run with or if you are having a tweak session then you will have other ideas to think about that you hadn't perhaps,  thought of before.


You do have to put the work in before we get together

For a detailed explanation about the 2 different sessions I offer please head over to the appropriate page listed below and hopefully it all makes sense?

If you have any questions,  please do not hesitate to ask them as the answer may benefit others too!

What happens next?

When I receive your details I will mail you your pre-work so you can start to hone in on your ideas.

You will send this back to me a least a few days before our session so I can start to get to know a bit about you and work on some ideas ahead of time.

I want us to hit the session running to get maximum value out of the time.

We will arrange a convenient time for both us to speak online and begin the session.

Note:  I don't use SKYPE for the session as it can be a bit hit or miss, I will use another software product that has much better results so don't worry if you don't have a SKYPE address.

If you do want to use SKYPE then please add your address to the form, but the session won't be recorded.

I do need an email address, that is very important.

What happens afterwards?

After our conversation I will mail you a recording of the session (if not a Skype one) and a next steps action plan from our discussion and the ideas we come up with plus any other resources we find along the way.

When you then come to start your brainstorming session by yourself with SBI you will have a clearer idea about how to go forward with your overall business theme and your particular angle on the theme.

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