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Thank you so much for coming  by to sign up to my periodic newsletter.

As a thank you and to show my appreciation I would like you to have a complimentary copy of my eBook of self coaching questions.

If you are on that journey to finding a perfect business idea to suit you and your lifestyle these questions will really help you think about what is and is not  important to you.

They will tease out what really interests you,  what you like and don't like and prompt you to go back over your life for clues about deep seated gifts, interests and talents.

Create Your Perfect Business  - Self Coaching Questions

27 pages  of really useful questions to help you create your business with passion and personality included as standard.

111 questions to help you get to the heart of who you are, how you want to live your life and take steps towards what kind of business you want create.

There is so much more to it than just asking "what are you good at?"

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I want to let you know I am respectful of your data

I only ask for the information I need to send you my newsletter which will be your: first name and e-mail address.

Your information goes to the hosting and building company of my website SoloBuildIt.

It doesn't go anywhere else and it is protected by European General Data Protection Law.

You can at any time access, change or delete your information if you want to and in every newsletter there will be a link you so you can click to unsubscribe completely.

I will of course, never give your information to anyone else.

And to let you know here's what you won't get

A load of email coming into your inbox every day.

I hate it so I am sure you do too.

Any hard sell of products - if I recommend a product or service either on the website or in a newsletter it will be because I actually rate it, and feel it would be of benefit to you.

Spam. - I will never compromise your privacy. 

Your email address and anything else you choose to share is very important to me. It will be treated with respect.

I will repeat I will never sell or give your email or any other information to anyone else.